Sink in my thoughts,
Invalidate my hunch.

Tell them you don’t care
about the afflatus,
that I’ve yet not unlearned.

Just be adamant,
They’ve made me revert.

You’ll be burdened with blames,
And pitied for the same.

But for my sanity,
Try hard as you can.
Don’t get drowned,
Under unspoken words.

Just breathe in my muse,
Even if you’re made to,
Breathe out your enigmatic verse.



Hide behind the silence.
The words betray,
As the history say.

Fake a transparent glance,
And a melody to which,
Only two can dance.

Fill the still,
With actions that chill.

But just be poised,
When you profess,
Enough to decieve.

We anyways are fool
We’ll believe..

But never hide behind the words,
Because that way we’ll know,
As the history says it slays..

The Last Hope

What brings the light on,
Always an another chance?

I keep strangling the possibilities,
Yet again it revives.

Smiles at me,
And holds a glance.
Again I’m full of desires,
As my musings starts to dance.

When my mind next grope,
For your invaluable words.

Make the edges too sharp
To cut the rope
Of my last hope.


You stay strong,
I know you’ve
weaken knees,
Strayed soul,
Broken heart,
Exhausted brain,
And everything strained.
You want to fall down.

But please. Please,
You stay strong.
Pull yourself back up,
‘Coz you don’t have a choice.
Close your eyes,
See there’s noone,
Not anymore.
Not even outside the door.
Noone’s gonna knock,
So don’t let it block.

Get up,
Do it right this time,
After a thousand wrongs.
Pull it back up my love.
You’ve to stay strong, for me..


Stories are rare,
When words aren’t enough.

Wrote it a thousand times,
Yet can’t be read.

Ink faded but,
The notion is red.

No dots, no comas, nospaces.
Sutured word by word.

It’s a new language,
A language, you can’t comprehend.


There you were, standing, trying to look cool. At first you didn’t look at me. But once you did, with those magical eyes, you didn’t take your eyes off me or may be you couldn’t. I dont know if it was because of me, or that feeling, the mutual feeling that its gonna last, if not forever then kinda close. That touch of our hand shake after you proffered your hand just to reach mine. I knew it then, it’s gonna grow everytime, and it grew, grew like those bougainvillea flowers, all at the same time. Red and beautiful. The intensity was so high that the exposure didn’t matter much ( I guess I’m talking about physics here). It was so high that it unsighted everything else, made me blind, blind with every colour but sadness. I made a house on fairy land and started living there. Yes, it was a lovestory and it ended. But just so you know, it did last somewhere close to forever…